Available Funding Through Citizen Corps
Citizen Corps is funded by the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Domestic Preparedness. The sponsoring agency for the New Hampshire Citizen Corps program is the New Hampshire Department of Safety and its administrative agent is Volunteer New Hampshire!

Funds are currently available for towns that have already registered a council or that will register a council as a requirement of receiving a Citizen Corps grant. For towns that already have a council, funding is available to support the implementation of any of the four charter programs. There is no match requirement to receive a grant and there is no limit to grant applications. Grant requests are reviewed on the second Friday of each month. Once approved by the State Council. *Grants are usually paid within two weeks

Start-Up grant Program

The Start-up grant program was initiated in 2004 to facilitate the speedy delivery of initial grant funds to communities who have embraced the tenets of Citizen Corps and are enthusiastic to begin their work.

* Grants must be paid to a local unit of government.

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